Educational Activities

Self Study Center (Boys)

RKM Self Study Centre in Jaipur came up with the noble idea of providing a study place with facilities that makes up an environment for studying in Boring Road. Your study environment can be a big factor in how successfully you’ll learn and retain information. The major factors that define a perfect study space are lighting, comfort, temperature, calmness, etc; we have all of that covered and even more.

Self Study Center (Girls)

Our study hall is the perfect place to be alone yet not alone. Surrounded by other learners boosts productivity and offer motivation. Our learners sit and explore their ideas, visions and solutions for all their individual requirements in a distraction and disturbance free environment.

Relief Work

Ramakrishna Mission, Jaipur has been carrying out relief work in Rajasthan whenever the situations demanded. It helped the afflicted people with food grains, clothes, blankets and other basic needs at the times of floods and severe droughts. It also organized cattle camps by providing shelters , green & dry fodder, cattle feed and water to the affected animals.

Annual Competitions

The Ramakrishna Mission, Jaipur is conducting annual competitions comprising of Speech, Recitations, Essay writing, etc. for school & college going students to promote the ideas of Swami Vivekananda to modern youth. Prizes are distributed to the winners. About 1500 to 2000 students participate in this program every year.

Conducts Lectures, Seminars for Youth

The Ramalcrishna Mission, Jaipur emphasizes on upliftment of Youths and. to provide quality education to them. In order to attain the same, various lectures & seminars are being held in Mission on a regular basis.

General Library

The Centre runs a Public Library and Reading Room including a children's section. There are 8971 books on various subjects in Hindi, English and Bengali catering to about 500 members. There are 30 magazines and 8 periodicals in the Reading Room.

Vivek Vahini

The Mobile Book Van (Vivek Vahini) carries literature of Rarnakrishna - Vivekananda, CDs, etc. and visits various locations of Jaipur on a regular basis, to promote the ideology of Mission.

Book Sale Counter

Ramakrishna — Vivekananda and Vedanta Literature in Hindi, English and Bengali are available for sale at the Book Sale Counter in Mission. Apart from it, every year the Mission actively participates in various Book Fairs.